Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Update on the company

Sure is nice to have Sammy on staff, she is doing a lot of work that should have been done a long time ago and yet still gets pictures,wow I got many to go through now....She is also setting up jobs left and right.. Sure does help when I got people who will work with me..Not sure how she does it with collage and everything else but she does...She is now the lead photographer...Will be adding another photographer and will now add a sales person to go to malls,and fairs...The fair thing may now be a go this year,I know I said it might not work but with all the hard work Sammy has done this has allowed for the company to really take off and it happen fast.Just over the last two weeks or so.I still have my office work to do however with Sammy working hard as she has been this has allowed me more time out in the field taken pictures..I have decided to put the website on hold just a tad longer,right now I see no need for one at this time as things are going great without one...When I go storm chasing for days or weeks I won't have to worry about the company as it will be in good hands and I know the work is getting done.... Did get some new camera stuff today more will be ordered tomorrow....Looking to spend 5000 for other things and set Sammy up with a new camera and video camera also..Wisconsin Imagery will be well known....Still we will not do weddings or what we call people shots...We will follow the same format from before pet,nature,storms,northern lights, special effects,and wildlife...We have decided to add some other things,however we won't let the cat out of the bag so none of the spies that read this can rob this idea for their own...We both feel what we are adding will take off big time!!
Within 2 or 3 weeks the company should have State id and local id!!! and of coarse a tax id number...
Many have asked me if the set back the company went through has hurt the company? No it didn't hurt the company at all it did slow some stuff up but it has not hurt the company at all,if anything it help throw the company forward.I will have a FAQ post tomorrow to help clear up things and the what nots....

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