Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Like it,or hate it snow is common in April

Snow in April so how uncommon is it? many have asked…Well the sad thing is, it’s common….The Average snowfall for Rice Lake is about 2.7 inches…So far this April we had snow on the early morning hrs of the 16th which produced 3.00” So far today the 20th we have had 2.5” of snow….So we are now over our average snowfall for the month of April… Let’s just break this down into the past 3 yrs.
Last year 2010 April we had no snow….However in May on the 7th we picked up 2.00” of snow…
Back in 2009 we had 3.50 inches of snow…1.75” fell on April 1st….Then we had 1.50” on the 4th
Back in 2008 we had ¼” of snow on the 19th….
Ok here are some pictures taken this morning….

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