Saturday, April 30, 2011

Some pictures I took on Friday April 29th

Yesterday I was out and about looking for some wildlife to photograph....Didn't take long to find some...Here are some pictures of what I found..I did do some cropping other than that nothing else was done to the pictures...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just a few pictures and a video clip.

I have no time to post more pictures,as I'm busy nowcasting for 9 storm chasers down in AL,MS,TN....A large tornado outbreak going on!!

Here is a video clip..More pictures and vids will be added at a latter time,hands are full with this major tornado outbreak going on.....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lake Superior snowfall

This what I was playing in today...I will post videos links later today along with pictures...I have alot of work to do.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pictures from tonight

After a very long day of working,did 10 pet shots today...We decided to have a little bon fire,while we also played around with doing some night time trick photography..Yes also had to do the car thing....

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Like it,or hate it snow is common in April

Snow in April so how uncommon is it? many have asked…Well the sad thing is, it’s common….The Average snowfall for Rice Lake is about 2.7 inches…So far this April we had snow on the early morning hrs of the 16th which produced 3.00” So far today the 20th we have had 2.5” of snow….So we are now over our average snowfall for the month of April… Let’s just break this down into the past 3 yrs.
Last year 2010 April we had no snow….However in May on the 7th we picked up 2.00” of snow…
Back in 2009 we had 3.50 inches of snow…1.75” fell on April 1st….Then we had 1.50” on the 4th
Back in 2008 we had ¼” of snow on the 19th….
Ok here are some pictures taken this morning….

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 15th Lake Superior wave chase.

For a somewhat detail report see my forecasting link below....Here are a few pictures...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lake Superior yesterday.

For now  my wave chase from yesterday chase can be found at the link below... I got so much video to go through and edit, along with pictures... However on the link you will find pictures and some raw video clips.... I will add pictures here this evening...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pictures from yesterday

Yesterday I had to get out of the office...Will be doing that again today! Anyway here is what I found...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

FAQ post.

Below is many questions we have received over the last month or so…This FAQ should help everyone have a little better understanding about the company.
1. Do you guys do weddings?
At this time we do not. Someday we might.
2.  Do you do family portraits?
Not at this time we do not.
3. What kind of pet pictures do you do?
We will photograph all kinds of pets, from dogs to snakes. Nothing is too big or too small. You tell us how you would like the shot, and we will do our best to reach your goal.
4. I’m looking for a bear and a deer picture. How long would it take to get them?
That depends if we have any on hand, if we don’t it could take awhile…The best thing to do is contact us and let us know what type of picture you are looking for. We will do our best to get the shot you would like to have. We are striving each day to photograph items in the categories that we have listed. If for some unknown reason we don’t have or can’t get the picture you need, we may refer you to another photographer.
5. Do you have the website back online?
Yes we do here is the link...
6.  My kid is really interested in photography and really takes good pictures, would you be willing to hire or have them intern with you?
No we will no longer do this.Without going into to many details. We have tried this and it just does not work… Most kids think they know it all.They aren't going to listen if they think they can take good pictures.. 
7. Would you hire back your ex lead photographer?
No !!!!That goes with the rest of the ex staff.My new staff stood by my side unlike my old staff they walked out becouse I set guildlines..The only way the company will make it if everyone does what they need to do... My new staff is realy great in doing that..I will not loose them by bring back my old staff, there is no way that will happen now... Three weeks ago maybe but not now!
8. Would you let schools use your pictures free of charge?
Yes we will, however all we ask is that you lets us know what reasons you are using are pictures for.. This way we can keep a record of who and for what reasons our pictures are being used for.
9.  Has any schools used you pictures?
Yes there have been some.. The one that stands out the most is the Eisenhower 1st and 2nd grade classes that used our pictures for their Christmas program back in 2008.
10. I was a SKYWARN class, and I saw a few of your pictures. Did the National Weather Service pay you for them?
No we don’t get pay for the pictures we send to them! It is for a great cause …. We will keep sending pictures to the NWS so they can use them for whatever reason they need..
11.  I would like to startup my own photography business, would you help me?
No I won’t, not to sound mean you will need to figure it out on your own like we did.. Good luck to you.
12. Do you work for insurance companies?
No we don’t, however we will do freelance work for them. Like taken damage pictures or pictures they need. We also take inventory pictures for home owners/renters in case something happens they will have a detailed record of their belongings….
13. How much you charge for pictures and videos?
That depends you will need to contact us…
14. Is it true that you are a storm chaser?
Yes it is!!
14.Would you being willing to come and talk to our photography group? how much would you charge?
We would be happy to! If we would have to travel over 50 miles we would only charge for the price of gas... Other than no charge at all!!

More question and answers will be posted as we receive them….

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Update on the company

Sure is nice to have Sammy on staff, she is doing a lot of work that should have been done a long time ago and yet still gets pictures,wow I got many to go through now....She is also setting up jobs left and right.. Sure does help when I got people who will work with me..Not sure how she does it with collage and everything else but she does...She is now the lead photographer...Will be adding another photographer and will now add a sales person to go to malls,and fairs...The fair thing may now be a go this year,I know I said it might not work but with all the hard work Sammy has done this has allowed for the company to really take off and it happen fast.Just over the last two weeks or so.I still have my office work to do however with Sammy working hard as she has been this has allowed me more time out in the field taken pictures..I have decided to put the website on hold just a tad longer,right now I see no need for one at this time as things are going great without one...When I go storm chasing for days or weeks I won't have to worry about the company as it will be in good hands and I know the work is getting done.... Did get some new camera stuff today more will be ordered tomorrow....Looking to spend 5000 for other things and set Sammy up with a new camera and video camera also..Wisconsin Imagery will be well known....Still we will not do weddings or what we call people shots...We will follow the same format from before pet,nature,storms,northern lights, special effects,and wildlife...We have decided to add some other things,however we won't let the cat out of the bag so none of the spies that read this can rob this idea for their own...We both feel what we are adding will take off big time!!
Within 2 or 3 weeks the company should have State id and local id!!! and of coarse a tax id number...
Many have asked me if the set back the company went through has hurt the company? No it didn't hurt the company at all it did slow some stuff up but it has not hurt the company at all,if anything it help throw the company forward.I will have a FAQ post tomorrow to help clear up things and the what nots....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Some pictures from today

Had to take some pictures today to see if this one card works on the computer it did,I'm trying to figure out why my other card is not working right now I need to get the tornado pictures off of it...It worked last night so not sure whats going on right now..Thought it was my goofy computer...

Severe weather report

The best way for me to do this is to post the link so I can save myself lots of time!
My severe weather report can be found here....

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Snow in Las Vegas back in Jan 2011

Ok I forgot to post these pictures I did post them to the facebook page...These pictures were sent to me by my friends in Las Vegas...Not to often you see snow down there...I thought it was cool..

Just a few pictures from tonight and Lake Superior.

Click on pictures to see a bigger size....