Thursday, May 26, 2011

We are growing everyday..

The company has really taken off big time,so big I have had to turn down rush jobs from some. If that keeps up I will bring on another photographer...
Well the road was a hard and long one, to get to where I’m at…Some decided it was too hard so left me. My newer staff stuck by me all the way, now the rewards are plentiful…Our sales person is doing a wonderful job at getting us jobs.
Our other photographer is doing such a great job always coming up with new ideas also setting up jobs for us…This one idea she has and we been working on  it will blow out the special effect photography big time…The best special effects I have ever seen! Now we have an editor can’t say much yet but I know there was 200 pictures that was taken care of today!… I have the best staff I could ask for….Willing to work that’s what makes or breaks the company.
My new staff has nothing to worry about I will not bring back none of my old staff never! All your jobs are safe!! That is if you all keep working hard as you have been lol.

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