Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 01/02/2011 Northern lights/plus fireball

I was watching the geo storm unfold yesterday…Was hoping it would keep going when it got dark up here… 7:00 decided to head out and setup my cameras, while doing this a fireball can streaking across the sky from the Southeast to Northwest, wasn’t sure if I was able to get it or not..I did!!.. Wasn’t much longer the Northern lights started to get going then they would die out, then they really started to dance in the sky around 9:30 through about 10:30 or so… It was very windy and temps kept going down so yeah it was very cold running two cameras.. I shot up four rolls of film that I need to get in sometime today…
First picture is the fireball..
Picture below shows the arc really starting to grow.
The following pictures show the rays dancing across the night time sky...Wasn't the best show I have see,but nevertheless it was a good show...Been years for that!.

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  1. I am curious if it will be possible to see them again this year and when you expect for that to happen? I had no idea it could be seen. This is my first WI winter after moving here this past fall in August from Louisiana. I would LOVE to see this! My email is